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holos need to be deleted like mesmers


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Just got out of 3 consecutive games with at least 4, often 5, holos in a single game. That's basically the same as mirages/chronos era, and the upcoming nerfs doesn't even fix the correct things.

Fuck holos & this awful game mode. Back to playing how this game is supposed to be played -- afking in SW & soon-to-be dead charr map

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@mortrialus.3062 said:I'm actually starting to wonder if Photon Forge needs to lock the Holosmith out of all it's utilities the way Death and Reaper Shroud do.

That is... actually one of the best suggestions I've seen on how to nerf Holosmith. Photon Forge is the only(?) transformation that doesn't lock you out of your healing skill, utilities, and elite. Toolbelt skills should be locked as well.

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