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Question : what makes Mesmers one of the more preferred Tanks In raids and what does Raid tank do?

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Chrono has ability to block lots of attacks and it also has unique ability to distort damage, even Something where blocks won't work(vg greens). Chrono is not as meta tank as it was before as other classes like rene and druid are tanking some bosses with meta comps thesedays.What does tank do? Tank moves boss to place X, blocks its attacks and keeps boss still when needed so others can dps boss from behind.

Any class can tank yes, high end guilds actually use sometimes druid as tank so chrono won't lose so much dps.

Why chrono? THERE IS OTHER OPTIONS however im talking about pug friendly double chrono squad comp now. Group wants two chronos to bring 10men quickness and alacrity, chrono won't lose any of its abilities to tank when it brings those buffs.

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Chronos used to combine multiple aspects of:

  • required boons (alacrity used to be chrono unique)
  • required damage mitigation (chrono had and still has a vast amount of blocks, invuls and strait up on point damage avoidance)
  • very useful group utility (distorting for allies pre nerf, massive group boons pre nerf)
  • role compression (tank, support and boons)
  • availability accross multiple encounters (chrono tank works on every boss)

The current chrono is a remnant and derivative of what chrono used to be. Pair that with:

  • people's experience and familiarity with the setup/class
  • the fact that most of the points still hold true, even if in weakend form
  • the players who can or are willing to tank/support are often a minority
  • lack of an allround alternative (Firebrigade is already insanely overpowered, but it doesn't work on all bosses)

and chrono retains his spot as go to tank for raids.

Literally the only way to replace chrono is to completely break the class (and given where chrono is now versus where it started, that's part of the approach) or introduce an even more overpowered class (Firebrand is close atm) which combines all the afformentioned elements.

Even then it would take time for players to adjust, just look at how long it took for Firebrigade to take over in factals, nearly 6 months.

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Like others have said, it's a matter of role condensation and also about stat sets complementing the roles. Most squads want either chronos or Firebrigade for quickness+alacrity and in most comps, heal-firebrand and support chronomancer have the most blocks to help against mechanics. But if squad is running double-healers and the second healer is herald or engi, they also have channeled blocks to deal with stuff like VG's blues and Deimos' pizzas+MC. Other tank-builds tend to require evading those mechanics and they also need more healing since they eat more hits. But if they're healers, they can usually tend for themselves. Condidps/tanks rely on healers to keep them alive.Trailblazer's condibuilds are another decent, though not as optimal, option for tanking as usually 80-85% of their dps comes from condis and they only lose about 5-10% of their total dps (+some dps time if they need to evade mechs) by using full trailblazer's instead of viper's. Less if they use viper's/trailblazer's hybrid. Condi/tank builds work decently at most bosses except Deimos. Kitty can't recommend using them unless you're already very experienced tanking with support builds, though, as tanking while dpsing requires knowing the bosses and the build well to counter their attacks like chrono would.Of power dps-builds, the only semi-decent options are power DH/quickbrand by using some knight's trinkets (only works if rest of the squad have low toughness) or power reaper using knight's trinkets (due to having excessive crit rate with Decimate Defenses-trait and thus losing only some power). Power reaper also suffers from losing lifeforce quickly due to extra hits taken in reaper form. Other power dpsers sacrifice either ferocity (low crit damage) or crit rate (below 100% crit rate) and thus they lose a lot of dps if they take anything more than a couple knight's pieces. Power dpsers using Scholar runes also lose their +5% damage bonus.

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