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Do you think Vigor is healthy for PvP?


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Vigor is the biggest functional dead-end in GW2, because of how utterly worthless basic dodge is in the PvP landscape, and in how it serves no other purpose other than Endurance regeneration. Considering how it's possible to just gain raw units of Endurance, the existence of Vigor is entirely questionable. You'd be better off just deleting Vigor from the game, culling evades and blocks from all of the offensive abilities on weapon bars, and then giving everyone 200 Endurance along with certain utility or trait options which allow players to actively gain Endurance or grant Endurance to allies.

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In the core game vigor was twice as strong as it is now and many classes had minor traits that granted close to 50% uptime on crit.

It was reduced to 50% endurance regeneration in 2015 in the same patch that prepared us all for the shape of things to come. The signs were there people [waves arms around like a lunatic] WE DIDN'T LISTEN!! AAAAAAGGHHHH!

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@"AngelLovesFredrik.6741" said:Holos having100% uptime on vigor with 1 trait isn't okay. Even with all the vigor nerfs to mesmer, they still have permanent vigor with chaos and staff.

It should be rare, not spamable

the difference is that to get close to perma vigor as mesmer you get 3-4 traits and a healing skill for it. its fine if you invest this much to get it.its not fine when holo gets it for free permanently.same thing with thief, 1 trait in acro gives permavigor ( 5s on evade ) meanwhile other classes get several traits and cant even get it to last that long.

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