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How unlock theif for Daredevil?


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Nether is too hard tbh. Daredevil has some excellent bursts at close range, and with the staff, is really good at handling groups via a high dps. With it's stupidly easy rotation, it take a lot of the skill cap off the thief and makes it far more accessible to new players IMO, and is a great option if your starting out.

The Deadeye isn't too much harder tbh, it's just quite a bit less forgiving on rotation mistakes, spamming, and punishes you for targeting errors. But once you learn the Rifle, unlearn the tendency to spam skills and you get a handle on the Malice system, it can see some really high numbers, and is perfectly capable of stomping on champs quickly while solo, and can handle groups fairly well if you watch your Initiative usage. It is not the one-shot wonder people think it is though, that takes a lot of setup.

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