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[NA] [WvW] Looking for a forever home...


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Im about as subtle as a bag of hammers... so buckle up.Im retired military and dont have time to fart around with feelings, I dont do drama, and I wont remember your birthday. To be completely honest If I can remember your name after a week then we are doing good. I only WvW. I think there are much better games for PVE than this dumpster fire of a game. If youre a "LGBT friendly" guild... move along, there is nothing to see here.. unless LGBT means Liquor Guns Bacon and Tits. Just kidding. I dont drink.Im posting this on an alt account so i dont get into the feels with the current set up. Nice people, but I need more.WHAT IM LOOKING FOR:-A guild that can field a consistent 10ish players for havoc and zerg busting multiple nights a week. The only nights I am unavailable are Wed nights.-Adult people, but not so much adult topics and language coming thru my speakers. Headphones are for neckbeards, im old school. I have a family that doesnt need to hear about the freaky garbage that people are into in my living room, there is enough of that on the Disney channel.-A guild that its WvW members are dedicated to being above average. I dont expect any guild that runs true havoc to be exceptionally effective against a Black Gate blob, but cmon, dont show up to WvW with Agony Infusions. Be less the suck.-Some people that WvW in or near the 7-8pm start time in Central Time Zone.-Some other military people. Active, retired, whatevs... but its not a show stopper if im the only one.

WHAT IM NOT LOOKING FOR: (detailed but not all inclusive)-A brand new guild in the "building process"... ugh-A guild with a mile long list of people that havent been online in years.-A guild that shares members with other guilds to the point that they cant fart without asking the other guild permission first.-A guild that is one of five guilds to everyone but me. Im so loyal that it is irritating when im the only one repping and there are 50 people on and none of them know each other. I personally love rep requirements. "Get to reppin or get to steppin!!"-A blob. I dont blob. blobs are dumb. Id say more but id insult most of everyone that has read this far.-A guild full of kids. If I wanted to deal with kids, Id go play with mine. I like them better than other peoples kids. I dont mind kids if they are supervised.... i.e. they are in the guild along with their parents.-A lengthy application process to join a guild in a game of a world that is make believe, that is harder to get in than getting a real job.

IF... you think you got what im looking for, Ill check you out. I can command too, but I dont need to be the center of attention. Im just tired of rolling solo. Tier or server doesnt matter as long as we arent constantly stomped by blobs right outside our spawn for hours on end. I personally prefer low tier. I will not go to BG. I dont bandwagon.How this works: You either message me here or in game and I respond... then we talk in discord. If we like each other, we can figure it out. I have multiple accounts and dont mind variety of servers, as long as my time isnt wasted. Even if you only meet one night a week for WvW, I might be persuaded to move an alt there to run with your guild that night. Hope to hear something mildly appealing.Lastly, I only speak English. Please speak English. NA players only please. Nothing personal. sorry, not sorry.

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