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Realistic BannerSlave DPS


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Yo,If you look on SnowCrows Golem Benchmarks Condi BS DPS is 33k, and Power BS is 32k. This is on golems with all buffs/food/ect and is imo unrealistic especially when BS usually has other mechanics it needs to take care of and picking up and putting banners down again so that there is no banner downtime.

Currently my DPS is:

  • Condi BS DPS ranges between 13k - 17k depending on encounter.
  • Power BS DPS ranges between 15k - 20k depending on encounter.

I've only ever raided with my guild, I want to start using PUG groups and I'd rather fix any issues I have before getting booted for having low dps.

Please could you help me figure out if my DPS is FREAKING TRASH, meh, ok, or great?Any tips I could get to improve is appreciated. Thanks :)

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@DanAlcedo.3281 said:For me, the biggest dps increase was timing peak performance. Having it up for the full duration of axe 5 is very important.

I also often got told that i interrupt my auto attacks.

Yeah, You have to time Throw Bolas right, and unless you are in BMode never interrupt axe AA chain. Also never interrupt WA. If you find that you can't keep Peak Performance up enough, or at the right times, then consider swapping out the physical skill for Signet of Might.

More to the point, depending on the fight you are in you may very well NOT get the golem benchmarks. Those numbers are for a stationary foe with zero attacks or mechanics.

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