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How kill Vortex Crystal?


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You have to run into the round blue glowing shield things until they stick to you, then run to one of the vortex crystals. It will steal the sheild from you and that reduces its health to 1 so you can kill it.

You need to do the same thing during the boss fight, get the shield on the vortex crystal then kill it while the boss is nearby.

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@"Ezzi.3670" said:I'm stucked in Hidden Arena.

Arcana <> arena

I tried hit Vortex Crystal. But, it hold heal....

You need to collect the "bubbles" that your opponent is creating frequently. Picking it up will reduce your Health to 1% (so be careful not to take damage) until you "brush it off" on a Vortex Crystal. Once the buff has been transferred, you can instantly destroy the Vortex Crystal.

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Aw, Marina :( I'm 54, I know the pain of slower reflexes. That particular fight does better with two people, so the boss has distractions. If you're on NA and available in the eastern time zone afternoon ... today, yeah it's 3 am I was watching CR, so today Friday Feb 28, I'd be glad to run through that instance with you so you can advance the story. Just lemme get some sleep first!

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I just got through this and I just wanted to comment that whoever came up with this challenge doesn't grasp the UX aspect of game puzzles. It felt like a lot of wasted time trying all of these things to see what works.

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Remember that, for the second one you can make all crystals fragile at the same time, then pop them all at once to kill the boss instantly. 


First one is just simply lining colours, though if colorblind take a friend a long to help. 


And last boss just requires mixing of the two, no multiple colors to pick just combine both and move in. 

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