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We bring some frequently asked questions from our Chinese GW2 player community!

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Dear GW2 developers,I’m glad to post here on behalf of The Zephyr CouncilFor the purpose of facilitating Chinese GW2 players to get the game-related imformation and promote the communication between players, in this year, we some GW2 enthusiasts in China gathered and build up The Zephyr Council. Just like a relatively big GW2 forum in China.

Some days ago, we started to collect some particular concerns from Chinese players. We have selected some valuable ones to post here. And hope to get your reply.By the way, we plan to have a Q&A like this every quarter, and hope we can get your help to finish it.

  1. Is there any plan to develop new Dungeons?
  2. Is there any plan to develop new body types and hair styles?
  3. If there will be functions for the new players to improve their upgrade efficiency, such as providing mount loaning in the Tyria.
  4. Is there any plan or posibility to provide players much more Transmutation choices by take apart the full-body costume?
  5. If there will be some changes on the home instance to make it more useful. Many players wonder if they could get a personal house which can be decorated like the guild hall.
  6. Is there any plan to develop new professions?
  7. If there will be some story or something else about The Mists?
  8. Is there any plan to develop underwater adventures?
  9. Did you consider making some changes on the Southsun Survival to make players more enthusiastic to participate it.
  10. If there will be new weapons?
  11. Is there any plan to provide a chat channel for the players below level 80, so that they could more easierly find partners to go on an adventure?
  12. Is there any plan to develop some legendary weapons for the PvP or WvW? I mean, just like the Warclaw, players must complete some things in the PvP or WvW to get it.
  13. If there will be new maps which are vertically multilayer like the four maps of Maguuma.
  14. Is there any plan to write a book telling something like The Tyria Chronicles?
  15. Is there any plan to shoot the Guild Wars series?
  16. Is there any plan to develop a built-in video recording function?
  17. Could you tell a little more about the following changes on The Guild Hall?

Emmmmm,~~ (most of the)~~some questions may be not very realistic :'( and some may have been asked for many times. So I think you may just choose some of them to reply.Besides, I am still an English learner, so sorry for my poor English. :s

Looking forward to your reply.

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ANET shifts in cobtent seem to give soem answers:

-Dungeons: given how long it has been since last new dungeon content, it seems dungeons are not popular enough to warrant additional content. Raids are more recent and still get support, ans even therr you can see Anet needs to stimulate use with concepts like the new Strike missions

-new body types and hair styles: while possible, since such changes are auto-monetized, new body types can be an issue with armor and costume compatibiliy. Much as Id love them, I don't realy expect them. New hairstyles have been added in the past, so possible.

-mounts in Tyria: since mounts are tied to Path of Fire expansion, I would not expect them to become available freely. You can hold hope, though, since it seems Anet are shifting away from expansions (since they split the player base)

-cosume changes: given the number of costumes in the store as compared to armor, I wouldnt hold.my breath. Costumes are monetized and a single product that doesnt need to maintan backward compatibility, and are thus much less resource intensive addition

  • player housing: whike nothing indicates any development in this area, I personally have a bit of hope left - mounts are already getting a bit saturated with content, so Anet needs something new, and a new player housing system could be just that.

-new professions, future lore : no idea. Unless Anet says something or that_shaman mines it, we know nothing...

I'll have to continue in a new post...

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-underwater content: underwater content was supposed to have been one of Gw2s specialties, and it turned out unpopular. While a great rework would be possible, with Anet having to conserve resources these days, I wouldnt expect too much.

-southsun survival improvements: with the hunger games craze having passed, Id say unlikely.

-new weapon types would require an immense amount of resources - a host of new animations for starters. At this stage of the game's life cycle, I'd be quite surprised.

-under 80 chat channel: first tume Ive heard of the idea. Doesnt seem too resource intensive, so possible, but with the great majority of players playing at lv80 and downscaled... I dont know.

-new pvp an wvwvw exclusive legendaries: while possible, note that Anet has not even indicated any more pve legendaries, and thats where the majority of players are. But then, Pvp is Anets dream, always has been. Remember.. ARENA net...

-vertical maps: I doubt it. The complexity and annoyance of HoT maps seeems to have pleased few players and annoyed many. For the same amount of resources, a more horizontal map looks bigger on the map, makes spectacular sights easier to build, makes better use of mounts and annoys people who just want to get somewhere much less.

-books and movies. Theoretically possible, but even World of Warcraft only got one movie... and it wasnt received all that well...

-built in video: I dont think existing streaming tech is perceived as lacking....

-guild halls: I know nothing.

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I can maybe answer a couple of those based on player experience and past developer statements

@"1373098F-F0CE-A3DF-F9BE-AEAE86CD3510.6249" said:

  1. Is there any plan to develop new Dungeons?

In the traditional dungeon sense (Ascalon Catacombs etc) no.. it's very unlikely we'll get more dungeons despite there is a bit of a demand for them.There are however new Raids and Fractals in development right now and there will probably be more Strike missions in future content too as well as the upgrades to come to the current one over the Icebrood saga so there is dungeon like content coming to the game in those forms.

  1. Is there any plan to develop new body types and hair styles?

I can't speak for body types as they can come with all sorts of problems, clipping largely.. but new hairstyles are probably likely to happen at some point in the future.I couldn't give you a solid yes or no or when but i'd say there's a good chance on new hairstyles eventually.

  1. Is there any plan to develop new professions?

I'd probably say definitely not to this one.. adding more professions now would be a big balance problem with the elite specs and the only reason we got the Revenant in the first place was to round out the Soldier classes to 3 to match with the 3 Scholers and 3 Adventurer classes.

  1. If there will be some story or something else about The Mists?

I really hope so, Kralkatorrik made a big mess in there so i'm hoping we get some story about that in the Icebrood Saga.Not to mention there are still 3 large chunks of God Realms on Tyria which could prove to have their own conciquences too.I'm also really hoping for more raid/strike mission content based in the mists too as there are so many great locations in there that we have not seen in Gw2.

  1. If there will be new weapons?

Very unlikely due to the amount of skins already in the game for the current ones.That said I remain hopeful that many land weapons will eventually become usable underwater while the Harpoon and Trident become usable on land.This would be a good way to significantly improve underwater build diversity while adding some new land weapons to the game without having to worry about the skin problem.

  1. If there will be new maps which are vertically multilayer like the four maps of Maguuma.

I really hope so, they were very impressive maps and they've only been made even more enjoyable with the addition of the Skyscale and Griffon so I really hope Anet goes back to this format at some point and gives us at least a few new maps like that.

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@kharmin.7683 said:I thought that the Chinese version was significantly different than ours? Might they have content that we don't and vice versa? If so, then I'm not sure that we can answer these questions.

GW2 support team in China didnt and cannot make any changes to the game. The upgrade of new version is only a few days behind the North America and the Europe.The content of the game is completely the same, and only determined by ANET .

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