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Prototype Position Rewinder


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People abuse the Prototype Position Rewinder in the PvP Arena, located in the PvP lobby.It is a place where you can practice new builds or just 1v1 for fun.Often thats not the case anymore, because people with high dps builds use it to oneshot you and then proceed to port back.I have seen some Necros do it, but its mostly warriors with the 'Peak Performance' trait, who swoop in on a griffon, kill and port back.They do it over and over again while sh*t-talking, taking all the fun out of the Arena.While you are having fun, finding out what your new build can do, they come out of nowhere, oneshot you and your opponent.The most frustrating thing about it is, that you can not do anything about it.They use 'Defiant Stance' and 'Endure Pain', while bursting you with a Berserker warrior build, so you cant even kill them.The only option you have is to 'suicide' via the special action key, if you see them before they oneshot you.I dont have a problem with the item itself and think that it is actually quite useful, but please disable it in the PvP lobby, or atleast disable it in the arena.So people like me can enjoy fighting in the arena once again

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@ProverbsofHell.2307 said:

@saerni.2584 said:The new thief preparation and necro wurms also let you teleport out.

But the reset portal device doesn’t let you use other skills I thought.

Ah well it still lets you use utilities and F1 burst (all a berserker needs).

Good point. Still the whole gank and run thing isn’t even exclusive to teleport abilities. Bad behavior but I don’t think there’s a simple fix.

Your best bet is just to watch for them and kite them out so they have to teleport out or die.

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I don't mind em just dodge it. It's a one trick pony thing like deadeye malicious backstabb but way more telegraphed like he flys in there with a big griffon and you're able to see him the whole travel for a minimum of 4-5 seconds. So it's all kinda funny in my opinion. It's like watching a attack one shot someone but that extreme build up to do it is way longer then 6-8 meteor showers if you we're to count the whole build boons and stuff before mounting up on the side there. Then at least 3-4 sec telegraphed move towards the target. I've never seen anything as telegraphed as this in the game even with world bosses and raid encounters included.

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