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Thanks for the FREE build templates ANET!!

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@Dalec.9853 said:

@Dalec.9853 said:... I give up

they offer all the things you say you want to pay for IN ADDITION to charging for features you say they shouldn't.

But they are not offering them anymore, I wouldn't even care much about this, the gambling etc just like I didn't care about the similar things at the start of the game if they were still offering greater amounts of content and cosmetics releases at a cost. To be honest I don't even care about it so much now, I only have disappointment in the decline in the game overall now

Hold on ... your idea is what Anet has been doing for 7 years ... IN ADDITION to selling features ... yet according to you, that doesn't work. So you're suggesting to fix the problems you see with their business model is to continue doing what they do with the exception of making features free.

I'm going to give you an opportunity to see what that makes zero sense.

Oh stop being a gormless fool; they WERE doing, but not anymore, do you think I'd care if they had actually continued as it were? No, I even said so.

No hold on, you aren't paying attention to what I'm saying ...

What you are suggesting they do into the future is less revenue that what they were doing during a time you claim they were failing. So how that is that solution?

You are literally suggesting they cut revenue streams ... and somehow that fixes their business model problem of declining profits. That makes no sense.

No I think the game is currently failing ...

You aren't following me. Anet wouldn't drop charging for content if they knew they couldn't make a business of it and they NEVER said they were going to cancel new content to players either, so you can tone down the sensationalizing if you are concerned you won't see it. You don't have that data to suggest they are making the wrong move. You can't glean it from chart of profits over the lifetime of the game. You simply don't know.

If their business model doesn't won't work with free content and GS sales supporting the game ... based on what your crystal ball tells you ... then how do you know that it will work by paid content and cosmetics with features being free? That doesn't make sense. Everything you are saying is based on speculation, no data and coincidently .. exactly how you want the game to work. you're arguments are completely contrived to make it seem like you got all the answers to fix everything and get what you want, based on nothing.

Only desperation leads to this kind of thinking. On the other hand ... Anet has ALL this data and they know what to do with it and how make decisions from it. If they can drop paid content and make a business of it ... fine. If they can't, they can change back or to whatever.

Even if we assume you are correct about all the problems ... how does offering ANYTHING for free fix that? That's nonsense.

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