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Vigorous Shouts heals for the incorrect amount

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Hello all,

I've been playing gw2 on and off since day 1 of the early access, upon hitting 80 I explored my options to make my warrior a tank type character and everything kind of fell short until I discovered being a dumbo cleric warrior. It was fun, it worked well in PvP and WvW and when rank eventually existed I climbed to top 30 using my build.

I was super excited to finally see tactics was getting some love after the minor patches through the years (one of which i am going to be addressing, which has not worked, ever, since day one of the buff).

Anyway, to cut to the point, the trait Vigorous shouts in Tactics is listed at healing 10001.2 healing power ( https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Vigorous_Shouts ) in the following screenshots you'll see my own stats (Healing power of 1686), the listed heal of a shout (which is, if you do the math, 1000+(16861.2)=3023, same as the game lists) and then the actual heal, which is only 2686 (flat 1000+1686).

https://imgur.com/a/jzmDwQl - my own stats plus the heal listed on shout and the true healing amount, no buffs to healing are applied, only thing on me is my sigil which is 25 stacks of toughness.

Can we please get anet to finally take a look at this, it's been a long time coming and with anet finally looking at tactics

reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/dbw6gl/vigorous_shouts_still_heals_the_wrong_amount/

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The correct heal should be 2821 or 2855 based on the patch notes. It was set to 90% in one patch and increased by 20% in another so that is either 108% or 110%

The wiki claims (via changes to the infobox) it was increased to 100% by https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Game_updates/2015-06-23#Warrior_2 but the only change for Vigorous Shout in that patch is

Reduces recharge of shout skills by 20%. Shouts heal allies in their radius and grant you 5 adrenaline.

no change to scaling

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