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Benefit from Transcendent Tempest is Incorrect.

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The benefet from Transcendent Tempest is incorrect. By default, there is a 6 second delay before a tempest can overload their attunement.The Trascendent Tempest tooltip says it reduces that delay by 33% (i.e. the delay is reduced to 4s).However, in the game, the delay is only reduced by 25% (i.e. the delay is 4.5s).

It seems as though this bug has occured because the trait is doing the calculation incorrectly.It seems to be using 6 / 1.33 = 4.5s, but instead it should be 6 * 0.66 = 4s.

This is consistent with other traits which reduce the recharge of abilities. For example https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Signet_Mastery. The 20% recharge reduction correctly causes healing signet to have a 16s cooldown (20 * 0.8 = 16s) and not a 16.67s cooldown (20/1.2 = 16.67s).

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