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Remove Conquest from the game and give us a 5v5 death match


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Honestly I’d much rather have a game mode closer to like stronghold, where the objective isn’t standing in circle based.

The main problem I notice with conquest PUGs is they refuse to get off point, so when the point becomes a cesspit of AoE the PUGs throw themselves into it and die. Where in stronghold that was never a problem since the objectives were all channel based IE you had to kill the enemy first anyway.

@Arkantos.7460 said:we already had deathmatches .... were boring and no one played them after 2 days

The death matches we had were badly designed, it was first to 500 points won, and every death was 5 points. If it was more of a “last team standing” sort of death match, maybe with some secondary objectives spread out on the map to incentivize not just a 5v5 death ball or something i think it could be promising.

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