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So... can we get Rime-Rimmed infusions now?

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Been begging for years to have this turned into an infusion, so that it can be used on ascended gear instead of the exotic aquabreather that doesn't even get an extra slot for swimming infusions. :/

Now that we see the effect can be added to other items like the Chilly Chaise chair, can we please get the breather effect to be appliable to other gear, e.g. via an infusion? :)

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@deffy.1320 said:yes i would like this as an infusion i got loads of the exotic ones it's a really nice effect, i don't want it for land, i just want it so i can use it with my ascended aqua breathers.

Me too, so if they turned the Rime-Rimmed Breather into a skin, I would be totally fine with that. <3 Just do something, ANet, to allow us to use it with ascended gear, please!

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