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Inktober+Guild Wars 2

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Hey all,I'm Sue and is sorta a professional artist. Life's been rough but been trying to get back into art. Inktober started today! So I'm like, well heck now or never. I'll be using this thread to motivate myself to not only draw, but to share the work too. My goal will be 31 drawings, Guild Wars 2 themed. I really haven't had the time or energy to actually plan what I'm doing, but I'm already formulating ideas and all.

Here's a selection of art done last year for Inktober, plus some extras. If you want to see more of my art, you can go to my portfolio and my artstation click thumbnails for larger view:XQWh3yI.jpg8QBvOsg.jpgGl7j8Ur.jpg29nuu2C.jpg4hQoBEV.jpgdIH4Uys.jpgniwwuF1.jpghSrbmip.jpglXdXH6q.jpgwmlTO6i.jpg

Inktober information is https://inktober.com/ and the 'official' prompt list:XH6qYKG.pngI'll be using this one most likely. But a simple google search can yield endless others. While I'm likely aiming for the classic ink pens and traditional art, I'm also not big on having debates about about that vs digital and related. Life is short, do what you want.

If anyone has ideas, suggestions, or just wanna yell at me to make sure I see this through, throw it at me! Let me know if you are planning to join in on the Inktober fun! Your art medium? gw2 themed? another prompt? let's hear it =)

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