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Quality of life UI suggestion for upcoming templates and the usage of keybinds

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One of the features mentioned in the blog post as well as the yesterday's guild chat is the possibility to keybind build and equipment templates.This is great as it removes the need to have the Hero panel window open in front of you blocking the view and also it makes switching either of the templates simpler and quicker.

One thing that I'd like to see is a notification somewhere on the screen telling you which build or equipment template you have selected and equipped. Considering that build and equipment templates are not linked and will require separate keybinds, and there are 6 of them for each category of templates (totaling 12) it could take a while before player remembers which keybind is what build for any of their characters.

Of course, such notification would be optional so as to not annoy those who won't have such problems.

Here are some quick examples how the notification could be displayed once the player has pressed a keybind linked to a template:

Chat based notification - personally I would prefer something like this, with an option in the chat window to enable/disable it


Screen based notificationWvZN71R.png

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