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Griffon Mount glitching on Griffon Adventures

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On the Master course on Desert Highlands, I've been experiencing constant glitching and freezing of the griffon mount, which ends in failing the course because it will freeze in the air then fall straight down, or dismount me randomly into gliding. I've submitted bug reports in game but there's not yet (so far as I can see) a mount-related section of the bug reporting feature so I haven't been sure where exactly to submit it to.

Sometimes the glitching and freezing happens when I'm flying next to/between the canyon walls near the second bubble or the fourth bubble. So maybe it's caused by getting too close? even though my wings aren't touching it. But more often, it happens when there's nothing nearby that I could have collided with. A common spot being shortly after the second bubble, between it and the third, in mid-air.

Another common place it causes me to either drop from the sky (with the griffon frozen with wings out and my character model also frozen, though usually standing up on it) is RIGHT BEFORE the last bubble, in the middle of the air.

When these freezings happen and I reset back to the start, the griffon and character model is frozen and it requires clicking different mount/dismount keys for my different mounts that I have bound. I can move my character about after the reset but no animations show, so it's like a toy being pushed around.

When it finally allows me to dismount the griffon, the griffon's model during the mount stowing animation has no color and texture but it reverted to its shape with transparent and white squares on it.

But it's gotten to the point where it happens on nearly every attempt, which is blocking my ability to get gold. Please address this.

I love the flying adventure idea SO MUCH, and it's so fun when it's working, but it's just so frustrating that this keeps happening.

Linked below is a small gallery of screenshots of what it looks like on reset after freezing.


A note: I haven't tried the others yet so I don't know if this is exclusive to the one in Desert Highlands or if it's on all of them.

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