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Ranger GS #4 block

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I don't actually know if this is a bug or if I misinterpreted the patch notes:

Counterattack: Removed the Crippling Throw follow-up skill. This skill no longer automatically uses Counterattack Kick when blocking a foe within the range threshold. Instead, blocking any attack flips the skill to Counterattack Kick for 5 seconds. Increased the number of targets for Counterattack Kick from 1 to 3. Counterattack Kick now evades for its duration and activates faster.

“Instead, blocking any attack flips the skills to Counterattack Kick for 5 seconds.”I thought this just meant it would give rangers a choice of when to use the counter kick instead of it being automatic.

But, my friend posted this video where it appears the block lasts for ~5s:

If not a bug, that seems like an insane buff.

As he put it:

the way its functioning now is exactly like warriors Shield Block but on a 10s lower CD and it acts like two skills rolled in to one.

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The duration looks correct(as in matching the tooltip's 3s). The first block is at 0:01 and the last one at 0:04.

The closest comparison is probably Bandit's Defense which functions in a similar way but that has half the duration, 33% longer cooldown, lower base damage on the flip skill, lower scaling on the flip skill and fewer targets.

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