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Consume All on Casino Tokens needs to be disabled~DO NOT USE~

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The Consume All button only counts one token towards XP and then consumes the whole stack, it does not give XP for the whole stack. So consuming all on a 250 stack of tokens only nets you the XP of one token. I used it twice while doing the event and thought that XP was just nerfed until I resorted back to individual clicking to find to that this was bugged. Unsure if this affects the Mastery XP as well (used it on a level 38 trying to level it up) as regular XP.Spread the word, do not use consume all on the casino tokens until it is fixed.

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Bizarrely I’ve sent a bug report on this myself about 15 minutes ago!

For me I was in a PoF map last night and decided to use them just to finish off the xp bar to unlock the next mount mastery. I started with about 750 of them so clicked consume all on the first stack and my xp bar didn’t move. So I started to just double click the next stack and could visibly see the xp bar increasing.

When I logged in earlier I noticed I had 125 left so I put combat chat up and clicked consume all and sure enough it said “you gain 635 experience.

I have no more to test with but I am confident that if you click consume all on ANY amount over 1, then it will only register as 1 coin being consumed.

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