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Option to disable pip announcement


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For the longest time now the pip score announcement has been bugged for me - it pops up too often than it is supposed to. I think it should at least have an option to be disabled, or disappear after a predetermined amount of seconds [of which it does not, it just stays there annoyingly until you click it off]. I'm not sure what triggers the frequency of it popping up, but I thought it only shows when skirmish ends. Instead I see it pop when you die or participation goes to next level or participation timer resets, or when I someone I tagged drops a lootbag. It's almost as annoying as the lfg thing popping up but at least that can be disabled :PCan someone clarify what are the things that trigger it to pop up besides the skirmish ending? It does not seem consistent at all.

Hold up, this might be related to "You Earned 0 Reward Pips!" bug.

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