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GW2 Lore


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Have a look at the personal story page on the Wiki: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Personal_story

It's not easy to sum up the entire thing in one go because a lot of what happens depends on the choices you make along the way, so a summary has to be either very vague or quite detailed. But that page has an overview of the entire story and then short summaries for each chapter. If you want more detail you can click on the links to each story step's page.

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Greatly simplified version (Spoilers, obviously):

! The world is in peril. The Elder Dragons have awoken. Their minions are attacking your homes, to expand their territory and influence.

! You are a hero of your species who answers a call to arms in a time of crisis, which catches the attention of your local Iconic character, a member of Destiny's Edge.

! With their help, you spend time resolving personal and local problems, which catches the attention of the three Orders, who seek to combat the Elder Dragons.

! Once recruited, you perform within that Order with distinction, learning more about the Order's methodology as well as the Elder Dragons. You assist in developing/acquiring new methodology in combating the Elder Dragons, and Zhaitan in particular, as his army is the most pervasive and readily available.

! Your exploits and Order missions eventually lead you to major, multiracial city Lion's Arch. You become aware of an impending attack by Zhaitan's armies, which in turn leads you to to Claw Island, LA's primary defense fortress.

! There, you meet Firstborn Traherne, a scholar studying Elder Dragon Zhaitan's army, and you have your first major battle with them. The fortress is overwhelmed, and there are many casualties.

! You and Trahearne work mightily to bring the three Orders together, avenge the fallen, and push back Zhaitan's forces from Lion's Arch.

! The resulting alliance becomes The Pact, and Trahearne is nominated its Marshal, as he is respected by, but never joined any of, all three Orders. His experience is invaluable.

! Under Trahearne, you and The Pact establish mighty fortifications encroaching on, and later within Zhaitan's home territory of Orr.

! Using technology developed, and later enhanced, by various Pact member species and Orders, you and your friends in Destiny's Edge defeat Zhaitan, confident that this new Pact is powerful enough to defeat any Elder Dragon.

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