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Please bring back Cozy Wintersday Mounts Pack.

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This package is only available in December, but I miss it every December since 2017. I don't want to wait until Wintersday just for this, please. I always wanted to buy it, I finally got the gems for it.

I know there is a topic for this, but people publish very often, my comment is lost among the rest of the comments.

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I can't help with getting it back on the gem store, but one option might be to make sure you have the gems on your accout in December, use the Gemstore Updates topic on this forum to find out when it's back and then contact Support and ask them to remove the gems from your account and add the mount pack. Explain why you're not able to buy it yourself and they should be able to do it for you.

I did it once myself because for the first time in about a year bank tabs were on sale for 2 days while I was away, and I've heard of other people doing it for items they missed. I wouldn't recommend doing it too often, because it's not something they officially offer, certainly not something Support are required to help with, so they could turn you down if you do it too much. But for something like this - an item which is only on the store once a year at a time when a lot of people are likely to be away I think it would be reasonable.

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