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You unlock the skin for the reaper greatsword as soon as you acquire it, so you're good. In gw2 we have a wardrobe system where all skins you unlock are stored and able to be used later with transmutation charges. Since Dark Harvest only cares about you having the reaper greatsword skin unlocked, you can complete the collection normally. Besides, getting the reaper greatsword is what unlocks the Dark Harvest collection in the first place.

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You don't need the older weapons or items in order to complete the specialization weapon. The fact you've unlocked the Reaper's Greatsword skin already progressed that achievement. Just make sure that when you make the other weapons (machined greatsword, mystic greatsword) that you unlock these skins, too, for the progress.

You're totally fine if you accidentally scrapped the greatsword. Nothing is wrong!

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