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Where does your class get 25 might from?

Crab Fear.1624

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Core Ranger = Throwing Axe 1 with Courage Sigil, and Strength of PackSoulbeast = Moa Stance + Strength of Pack mixed with high crit rate to make Strength of Pack work for the 25 stackDruid = Throwing Axe 1 with Courage Sigil, and Strength of Pack

The reason why the 25 stacks seem to be easy to achieve for Ranger, is due to how much boon duration is present that conveniently works on all Ranger builds. Lately I think that maybe it isn't that we have too many sources of might, but rather too many amulets & runes & trait/utility effects that present much + boon duration.

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Chaining fire fields and blasts - though timing them so as not to lose their potential either - attacking as much as possible in fire atunement, and sigils also help. Without boon duration it's hard to get 25 Might though. In a realistic scenario, you often have to switch for defense/support/mobility, get stripped/stolen/corrupted...Fire line provides 1 cleanse on any aura if you pick the trait, which is minimum everytime you switch to fire. +2 if you transmute them. Passive 3 cleanses every 50s cd or so if you pick the trait, and blind on burning with 8s icd which is not even per target, so pretty random at this point, for a GM trait.

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