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"Memory" for the crafting tabs


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When I use the crafting station, I would like the game to remember where I was in a tab before switching to a different tab. It's getting tiring of having to look again for the place in a scroll down list - a crafting recipe, a location in the bank where I have put a specific item, etc. The game shouldn't reset the tabs when switching between them.

In fact the game should remember the tab locations for each different character even if I close the crafting station and decide to log on a different character. That way when I craft items and I switch back and forth between characters with different crafting licenses I won't have to look for the place where I was before I close the crafting station.

This is the same as remembering the location on the map where my character was when I logged off, rather than resetting my location by sending me to Lion's Arch on every log in.

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