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Some overall ideas for diversity


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So some ideas ive had from reading other peoples posts that i felt would be better in a seperate tread so they didnt get lost in the abyss regarding different play styles and such to overall increase the build diversity of engineer for more low to mid tier gameplay at the end of the day there can only be one meta which everyone will flock to if they wanna push for those higher tiers of gameplay and im all for that but for the majority of players that dont push to high end atleast they can have a decent build in a format thats more fun for them.

First off as ive said in a different post change Advanced turrets trait to apply a pulsing barrier to teammates and other turrets in range this will overall increase the survive ability of turret based builds.

Medkit we all know just dosent work for anything very well but we all know anet isnt going to do an overhaul i recommend increasing the radius of the drops by triple, the scaling from healing power by triple and remove 1 condition per pulse on Med blaster, removing a condi per pulse on med blaster would be great for ressing in the current meta with necros being able to unload enough condis currently to stop people from ressing there teams mates and if they do get that res said team mates usually go back down because the condis are stacked up way to high and down them again befor they can clear it and in most cases kill the team mates who thought they could res combined with scrapper would be fairly effective without making it over the top for healing teammates and still leaving the engi vulnerable to conditions, giving some condi clear to bandage self also wouldnt go astray, one thing anet needs to remember when balancing medkit is that to maximize the effectiveness of medkit you dont do anything else so having bigger heals on the medkit would be offset by the lack of other support threw CC and boons and the old the best defense is a good offense situation, overall these changes would change playstyles in an interesting way, medkit packs could be quite strong in 1v1 situations but going into a 1v1 you'd need to think about setting them up befor hand the cd and duration that they are on and the cast time it takes to get all that healing and other advantages out onto the field while making in a combat setting.

Elixir C in the current meta i want to use it then i remember about boon corruption and decide to not use it, i think if instead Elixir C and its toss convert cleared conditions into resistance rather then boons that can just be corrupted the moment you clear them and yes resistance can be corrupted to but atleast the outcome wouldnt be all those conditions sent right back as soon as you cleared them while also providing an amazing anti condition utility in one skill that engineers have always wanted and honestly no engineers have ever use this skill to stack boons ever, anet could potentially add this to the inversion enzyme trait as well and would make a somewhat decent trait next to Auto elixir S.

Gadgets should be changed to add the ammunition mechanic to all gadget skills except AED(even then i can see decent changes to add AED to that list), and changing the Trait lock on in the tools line to refresh gadgets by a set amount when meeting a certain condition (EG, striking a enemy in stealth refreshes gadgets by 5 seconds, hitting an enemy with vulnrability refreshes by 1 second), with that gadgets would probably still be subpar in terms of the meta but would at least help create a decent build and playstyle around gadgets.

Soothing detonation double the scaling and make it work with blast and leap finishers and youve got an incredible support trait for both holosmith and scrapper that can compete with the 25% movment speed which is imo huge for build diversity due to the nature and effectiveness of mobility in spvp.

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@Frightlight.3796 said:One thing i think would be really cool and fit the gadgeteer playstyle would be to allow gadgets to also apply alacrity to yourself. I feel that would actually make gadgets feel much faster paced and reward you with rotating them as well as indirectly buffing our other skills.

I love gadgets but even with the recent gadgeteer buff I still struggle justifying using some instead of kits that provide more/broader utility

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