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UI F1-F3 keys not responsive after some combat on soulbeast

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I've been playing on my soulbeast lately, and the F1-F3 keys seem to get "stuck" and unclickable on occassion. The actualy F1-F3 keys don't work, my keybinds for them don't work, and clicking on them don't work (when I'm melded with pet). I'm not exactly sure of the triggers, but it mostly happens to me when I've already had some combat and the only way to alleviate this and get the keys working again is to alt-tab to another program, and use the keys [for example F3] and then go back into gw2 and it works again. This is something very new and hasn't happened to me beforehand, so I don't know if it's anything to do with the latest patches. I'll write again if there is an update with my issue. I've noticed also going into/out of water is really buggy right now, it's gone back to not showing any pet skills again when you come out of water though this has also been a long standing issue [you have to press F5 again]. This is all from WvW maps.

Additional info: I am mostly camping in sbeast mode - this doesn't seem to happen when I'm doing my normal play of constant pet swapping and going in/out of sbeast mode. In this case, I am always melded with raven.

Update: still happening. This has cost me many fights in wvw, and it seems that only my soulbeast is affected. None of my other classes are having this issue with F keys. It's only sbeast when camping sbeast mode, you get locked out of your F1-F3 keys [and even alternate keybinds for F1-F3, clicking on the ui sometimes works, but there are random times when that too is locked from clicking]. I hope this can be looked into. I don't have the appropriate steps to reproduce, other than I was having loads of combat, was always in sbeast mode with my raven when the failures happened. This issue has only arised in the last couple of days. Tried with 2 keyboards & mouse just to be sure. Main mouse is logitech g600, keyboard is razer black widow, the other mouse&kb is msoft.

The issue may be related to "flipping modes" when already in beast mode. What I mean by this is that if you are already in beast mode, and you mount up and then dismount into combat you will get this issue. Going in or out of water whilst already in beast mode can also cause this issue. Maybe there is something in the latest patches causing problems when it tries to toggle you back into beast mode from water->land and from being mounted->dismounted. The only way that I've found around this issue is to not be in beast mode when going out of water [going into water isn't as bad as coming out of it it seems] and not being in beast mode before you mount.

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