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Ranger spirits + warhorn - suggestion


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Ranger spirits are nice but sadly do not work very well in open world Meta events or WvW.Would it not be more practical that a ranger spirit when activated is no longer summoned but instead would just become a buff on that ranger.

  • only 1 spirit + ultimate can be activated at a time.
  • Natures vengeance: Spirits grant boons, spirit of nature cooldown is reduce to 60 seconds,


  • The trait Wind-borne notes:
  • no longer grants regeneration.
  • all war-horn skills effect 5 targets now (damage is reduced by 10%)
  • Warhorn skills Nr 2 (5 on toolbar) now grants alacrity

What do you folks think? would this be something you would like to see or do you think spirits and the warhorn are fine as they are?personally I can see some really nice builds with these changes popping up both as support and damage.

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I think spirits as they are now should be ground targeted and get ammunition. Remove the health and give them a fixed duration & buff duration and they should be golden.

WH is fine IMO. The trait is decent too. Although I would merge it with clarion bond.

Alacrity is not needed on ranger honestly. I think druid needs better traits and a better class mechanic than artificial leverage through alacrity and it does not fit the class tbh

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Spirits as they are currently are so close to being in a great spot. Their main problem at the moment is that they die way too fast in PvP and WvW and their active skills almost always get interrupted in those game modes just from the passive interrupts. Personally something as basic as “spirits evade while activating their skills” would probably make them useable at least in PvP.

As for warhorn, I think it’s fine as is, as much as I’d love for WH4 to be AoE and/or apply blind, but honestly it really doesn’t NEED either of those things. And I’d definitely argue against alacrity on ranger, it doesn’t fit our classes overall there at all. Quickness would be a much better fit, but even then I don’t think we need it.

Also I’d definitely say they should avoid restricting the amount of spirits someone can have active at once, if we can have every stance active at once, we should be allowed to have every spirit out at once.

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@InsaneQR.7412 said:

  1. I think spirits as they are now should be ground targeted and get ammunition. Remove the health and give them a fixed duration & buff duration and they should be golden.
  2. WH is fine IMO. The trait is decent too. Although I would merge it with clarion bond.
  3. Alacrity is not needed on ranger honestly. I think druid needs better traits and a better class mechanic than artificial leverage through alacrity and it does not fit the class tbh

I agree with the targeted ranged AoE but still think the spirits need to be mobile and passives to apply to 5 allies in an smaller radius. Its the same situation as with Axe#5, Ranger has no place for static or area confined skills.There could be a another trait to make them static and increase the radius and targets to 10 .

WH#4 would benefit greatly with a 3 target cap, to work in similar way as the mad king runes but centered in the target.

IMO druid needs to be the other side of the coin from the scourge, some condi to boon conversion, something like to regen and some protection.The elite should use the glyph of equality mechanic (the tether) to apply the actual effects around the druid (its more visible if the players can see the tethers and brings counterplay as the druid has to stay in a range of 600 from the targets).Glyph of empowerment should come back but using the actual elite mechanics (channeled ranged AoE) . Everything is in there already (duration of the channels in both skills are good ) and only is needed to swap the Effects.

The glyph of equality effects can go away, there is no use for this kind of mechanic (sharing damage with the tether) for the ranger class as a whole. That mechanic would fit better in a tank class like warrior or necro.

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Well i once thought about a Mantra concept for spirits.When you charge the mantra, the spirit walks besides you and grants its unique buff. As active you can send AoEs out that provides boons and deal dmg. All with about 2 charges and the spirit dissapears when all charges are expended.

The idea of a 3 target WH 4 is nice.Its not needed but it's nice.I would even think reducing the power dmg a bit and add bleed could be something. So WH could be an option for support builds with all dmg types. But that's also not necessary, just an idea floating arround.

For druid I just want a better class feature.I would like to have some options on the celestial avatar. Like one is tied to earth and plants and focusses on defenses and CC. One is tied to the sun and fire and deals condi dmg and buffs with might. And one is tied to the moon and stars and works similar to the CAF we know now.

Not all available at once though. Choose like a pet or maybe one for each pet?Or the F4 could be a swap of two if them and the pets changes depending on aspect etc.

Generally i want a better design for the spec and more variety,the rest I throwed out here are just ideas.

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I think you mean Glyph of Unity (the tethers), Glyph of Equality is the AoE daze + stunbreak or an AoE stunbreak and cleanse.

That being said, I’ve been wanting Glyph of Unity to just pulse boons/condis or transfer condis or something like that for quite some time, the current effect is cool when you can abuse it (like against Mesmers or minion masters) But is so absurdly niche it may as well just be removed. Would be cool if they made the normal form one transfer condis from the Druid onto the victims, and then in avatar state to pulse boons to allies + a condi conversion or something.

And for the elite are you saying to just tack Glyph of Empowerment’s effects onto the elite skill? Because if so I’d agree fully. The elite skill is strong, and I love it, but it would be nice if it empowered the allies in the circle too.


To be honest I kinda want Druids avatar state to just have 5 very powerful support based moves that all fill very different focuses, don’t even give us an “auto attack” since we have to charge up with a resource and a CD. Also kinda wish we’d have more plant/elementaly skills in our avatar state and staff Tbh.

Think it’d be nice if our 1 skill in avatar state was like a sun blast that did like blind, burn and maybe condi cleanse or god forbid a boon removal (I will never give up hope on getting one).

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We all agree Druid needs a rework, in its actual state is a little bit more than a placeholder for the static spirits buffs in raids.

Once i wrote the worst issue with the druid is inconsistency in the skills. Let's use Avatar skills for example.Some are ranged, others are PbAoE. All of them are basically heals. Most of them are too weak to have a relevant effect for your teammates but at the same time it makes the druid troll build potential . There is even a damage skill in there which make no sense in a support/healing state.

IMO the best (and maybe the easiest/faster) change would be to make all the Avatar skills PbAoE and buff those which lost the range so they become relevant.Cosmic ray to short range PbAoE arounf the druid to heal and convert a condition into regeneration, up 3 targets.Lunar impact to apply knockdown around the druid instead daze. This one coould have animation from the Avatar#5 and have a cast time of 1s for example so allows counterplay and buff the knockdown to 2s for example. Make it blast finisher too.Same for Seed of life. A PbAoE around the Druid and convert 2 conditions into regeneration.

Natural convergence, a damage skill in avatar state is not needed, it never was. It makes no sense with the avatar desing overall. It Doesnt need to apply any damage and buff allies instead. Convert conditions into protection. Apply slow and cripple and resistance to allies. Allow the druid to move around while channeling the same as Rejuvenating tides.

Remove the passive immobs from the druid. Those completely random procs are super unfun to play against.Ancient seeds to be a secondary effect of vine surge. The payoff of that skill is too undewhelming for the difficulty to land it. Slow, narrow and delayed, it mimics the unrewarding path of scars. From my POV If you are hit with the skill instead apply the short immob it should cast ancient seeds. That could make staff more desirable in squad combat.

Druids in Squad composition could make use of the beta trait Lingering light. The healing wisp orbiting the druid while healing was a very nice effect.

And the glyphs already said what i would do.The new elite, Glyph of the Stars, intead being a ranged channeled AoE, to behave like Glyph of Unity does now. Tether allies insted enemies (the functionality is already there as avatar version) and apply the different effects. It makes much more sense than a ranged AoE and also frees the druid to do other stuff while supporting/ressurecting allies.

Glyph of unity removed and instead Glyph of empowerment brought back. Glyph of empowerment instead a PbAoE, to have the channeled ranged AoE Glyph of stars now have. So this way the skill is still there but payoff is better balanced with the skill desing.

I woudl apply other small changes too, like Astral force only charged by outgoing heals to allies or the pet (as orienting the druid to support) and add some condition damage to the staff. After the nerfs to the staff now is not a rewarding or fun weapon to play with, i would add some condition damage to the weapon.

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