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[Video] F2P WvW Roaming+Aurene Outfit Giveaway (Core Mes)

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hi i promised to do a f2p roaming vid some time ago and now i finally had the time for it. playing pure glass core shatter mesmer. the few oneshots are only for editing purposes as always and none of the ppl i attacked were afk and they all could see me being around before i attacked/ stealthed.

pls notice the vid description/ pinned comment under the vid. feedback, esp a comment on youtube, a like and a subs are always welcome to support my channel. :)sry for the noob editing btw...

pls notice the giveaway: 5 Aurene Outfit codes will be given away! all you need to do is to comment on the video on youtube and add "aurene ftw" and you are in. more informations you can find in the vid description/ pinned comment under the vid on youtube. good luck!

i hope you can enjoy! greetings jazz

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@Clownmug.8357 said:Cool, you've got some really weird keybinds though lol.

thx im happy you like it <3 haha my binds looking so strange because my mouse and keyboard have some different buttons. like the thumbpad of my mouse has a different numb order as a razer naga for example). with other words, its not half as strange as it looks ;)

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