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[NA] NEW GUILD - LF NEW Players and Veterans Alike


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Hey all! I am looking to get some interest before starting a guild up.

I am looking to launch a guild for our GW2 branch of a small community I run. I have a moderate amount of experience with the game pre-HoT, but the few people who are looking to join in GW2 are brand new to the game entirely, one who is new to PC gaming and MMOs as a whole.

I am looking to start a guild with like minded individuals and new players to learn and experience the game anew. We want people who are community minded and enjoy hanging out discord while ingame and enjoying one another's company. While I know that GW2 offers the option to be a part of multiple guilds, we do prefer to find players who want to invest the majority of their time in this project getting it off the ground. We ask that people at last be available in discord chat when participating with other guilds.

If there is enough interest to get this off the ground I will be recruiting in a more "formal" and organized manner. We are open to taking anyone of any skill level; new or old.If this is something you are interested in either post here, message me ingame @ Knetik.4356 or on Discord @ Knetik#3543.

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