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Heart quest - Assist Grimarr Molesmasher removed?


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I can't for the life of me remember why they removed it. i do remember it wasn't the only one. I think it may have been a simplification or something similar of the starting zones. When the game originally launched the area involved was designed to be played with a group of people. There was two or three events in a mini sequence, I do believe the events are still there. And the enemies in the cave respawned quickly so it felt dangerous if one stumbled in alone. Later the end event in the sequence changed from a champion boss to a veteran boss. The reason for the boss change was to stop toxic bashing when a group killed a champion out of an expected sequence determined by veteran players farming them for the newly added champion loot bags. To me this was one of the most unfortunate things to have happened in the game because I really enjoyed the " OH #$%@!!!!!" experience when you ran into one of those. It really felt epic as a starting player. After the change I began calling the rampaging troll the temper tantrum troll because of how drastic the experience was changed as a result of that toxic minority.

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@"Ezzi.3670" said:I checked south hearts http://gw2.mmorpg-life.com/wayfarer-foothills-map-of-pois-waypoints-vistas-skills-and-more/3600/

Met guy hide heart. But, he don't show me heart area. Also I visied enemy's miner cave

My chara is sylvari for farm all map points

In the future, rather than using a very out-dated guide, use the official GW2 Wiki (link above).

Good luck.

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