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An idea for adding a stun break to Toolkit


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Swap Box of Nails with Throw Wrench ( Box of Nails becomes a tool belt skill, Throw Wrench becomes Toolkit skill #2 ).

Increase Box of Nails cooldown to 24 seconds baseline. Skill becomes a stunbreak and instant cast ability that does PBAoE damage on use ( think Blunderbuss but in all directions with lower damage ) and retains it's short duration AOE Bleed + Cripple effect.

Reduce Throw Wrench cooldown to 8 seconds, increase range to 1,000, remove Vulnerability and Cripple effects.

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Not a huge fan.

  • throw wrench is already a pretty high damage skill. It doesn't need a range increase or cooldown decrease
  • vuln and cripple are important utility/cover conditions on throw wrench
  • direct damage on box of nails doesn't really fit with the skill, which is more like thief caltrops
  • 7 years of muscle memory for throw wrench on toolkit skill
  • I feel like of all the kits, toolkit is one of the better ones balance-wise at the moment. Box of nails could be faster or do more damage, but everything else is pretty well-tuned. I don't think it needs a stunbreak when it already has active defense in Gear Shield.
  • I prefer the gameplay of reacting to incoming CC animations before they hit rather than after.

Another kit stunbreak could work, but personally I would put it on Big Ol Bomb, making that an instant cast skill. It already has a 25s cooldown and a ~3s fuse, so there's opportunity for counterply by the opponent.

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