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Casual/returning Player LF Guild [NA][Devonas Rest]


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I’m a “returning” player (been playing for around 1 month since then) and i have always playing on my own. So I came to the conclusion that it was time to join a clan in order to play with more people, make friends and improve in the game.

I’m currently looking for both ES/EN guild since I’m spanish but I know english at a medium level so I hope thats not an issue.

As I said I mostly play alone, doing story, achievements, mount unlocking...(sigh... skyscale) but what I really like is PvP, maybe I havent played WvW or PvE such as raids or fractals too much for being playing alone, and this is something I want to try, playing the full game among partners.

As Said in the title, I’m at Devonas Rest.Add me at : CRST.9203 or just reply this post.


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Hey! Still looking for a guild?
Memories of Arah (MoA) is a small, casual guild of friends who mostly do PvE and some WvW (Borlis Pass). I don't think we have any spanish speakers (i need to get on duolingo more lol), but if you don't mind that, we'd totally love to have you join anyways. I'm always looking for more people to do fractals with, as well!

We hold guild events every friday and saturday at 10pm EST (not mandatory), we don't require rep, and don't kick for inactivity.We use discord pretty heavily, as well.

If interested, feel free to message me in-game or respond here :)

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