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Cooking Requests/Ideas


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Hey guys,

I had some ideas for cooking that would make (my) life more enjoyable.

  1. Be able to gather Varietal seeds from synthesizer nodes. I mainly play WvW and this would be a nice benefit. They would have to be random of course.
  2. Any character can gather Varietal seeds. I have shelved my 500lvl cook and play on a char that doesn't have cooking. Being able to play the char i'm having fun with and still be able to gather food for him would be great.

I don't know if these ideas have been suggested yet or whatever.

Just thought I'd post and put it out there for the community.

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IIRC, when doing the achievments the Silvary give you a reason why you can't have varietal seeds collected from synthesizers so it is kinda Lore related. They could ofc give us a reward track with a varietal seeds pouch in the end where you get a bunch of each seed.

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