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Weaver sword issues in pvp and solutions.


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Weaver's were incredibly hyped for sword, but right now on live it simply underperforms. I think there are two main reasons for this, which are the following:1. Lack of damage output.2. Too many abilities are small radius frontal attacks with little range.

First, weaver sword has a lot of things going for it. Some of swords abilities feel unique and fun to execute in combination with each other. The real problem is with the abilities that share identical or simliar animations, and basically require your oppenent to be cc'd, or be a mindless keyboard turning robot to perform. These abilities include the following:

  1. Cauterizing Strike (180 radius)
  2. Twin Strike (130 radius)
  3. Aqua Siphon (180 range)
  4. Quantum Strike (180 range)
  5. Pyro Vortex (130 range)
  6. Gale Strike (170 range)
  7. Rust Frenzy (130 range)

The only ability on that list that performs well is Quantum Strike. Abilities like Aqua Siphon, which are supposed to heal allies in a 240 radius when landed, make no sense to be a 180 range frontal attack. There are simply too many abilities on sword that require an ele to be right on top of the enemy, which is unrealistic in most pvp scenarios. The sword has potential to be a great weapon for ele. It has a lot of unique ablities that are either fun to perform or land. I do not see it competing with other melee weapons in the game in its current state. Its strict near perfect play style is only finding small success within a niche pocket of pro players that are using gimmick builds.

The only solution I see is first, pump damage into the sword, because right now it cannot even function in pve with a full min/maxed player. Second, change the animations and/or range on some of the abilities. Quantum strike as a frontal 180 range ablity makes sense, but Aqua Sipon and Twin Strike? Even Cauterizing Strike could be a frontal cleave rather than another lunging forward strike. In the mean time, I will continue to farm Weavers on my Scorge, because how dare they.

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