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Need some thoughts on my power reaper build

Cheshire Rabbid.7430

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Well it seems like you're trying to do a chill build but with power gear instead of utilizing chill for condi where it could actually kind of work.

EDIT: What content is this for, pve/pvp/wvw?

In your spite spec tree you chose chill inflicts invuln instead of a 10% damage boost, same with soul reaping tree you chose 180 vitality over 10% damageYou're runes/sigils are also chill and vuln duration, if your fighting them in melee anyway the slow from chill is very useless and skill recharge meh, vuln can be covered by your choice in soul reaping shroud 1 inflicts vuln just fine.

Not sure what you're trying to do here, as i said looks like a chill build without deathly chill which seems pointless

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A grieving reaper is... not under the general purview of the forums. Afraid you're on your own for a lot of this. Some thoughts, though:

(1):You'll have to do an experiment between Dhuumfire and Death's Perception. Use the raid training golem and find out which one does more damage, both by yourself and with full raid boons/buffs.

(2): In a similar vein, try out scepter vs. axe for the main-hand weapon. Again, try looking at solo DPS and raid buff DPS on the training golem.

(3): Take Bitter Chill over Spiteful Talisman when solo. For comparison, if you can inflict over 10 stacks of vulnerability that wouldn't exist otherwise, then Bitter Chill beats it out.

(4): Sigil of Doom and Peril aren't that good in PVE. The build's extra damage comes from rapid application, and the 20% duration on these two conditions amounts to very little overall. A second or two of vuln at most. Sigil of malice (+10% condition duration) will have similar effects by itself, but also increase the damage of bleeds by 10% as well. The other sigil should probably be Sigil of Force.

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While I understand that the idea of dealing both power and condi damage seems ideal for a Reaper through grieving stats, the truth is it is not. Condi Reaper has died a slow and agonizing death over the years. Any condis you apply on pure Grieving stats aren't really gonna last long enough to make a difference. You are much better off running full berserker stats when it comes to damage. However, if you wish to improve on this particular build, I suggest you mix in some viper's gear, and switch from Death Perception to Dhuumfire. Also, I would switch Chilling Victory to Soul Eater.

Remember the biggest Achilles' Heel when it comes to condi application as a Reaper: your biggest condi applier is also what can mess you up. If you're running with other people in a group event/meta, you are VERY likely to have your chill fields overridden, meaning your whirl finishers will not apply chilling bolts ergo no bleeds.

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I will admit my build may seem a bit confusing to people. I was using the chills to keep stacking vul on my enemy but now then the firs commenter siad it seem I doing a chil build and went from there. So, what Meth siad does anyone think I should just go full berserk or just throw some viper into it. Also third update build

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I'd play something like this, if you want a Condi reaper: https://tinyurl.com/y5qlzt4u

If you want something like this for power reaper. Just tell me.

If you wanna play condi reaper style.

For sigil: use geomancy, if you are fighting groups, if you want to use Earth sigill I recommend decimate defenses.

For utilities: feel free to use any you like. Single target: blood is power (send self inflicted conditions to enemy with offhand dagger 4), shadow fiend.Against groups: suffer, epidemicAugury of death is a pretty valid option as a trait as well against groups of enemies.

If you don't use corruption skills, don't use trait master of corruption, instead go for one of the others (path of corruption against enemies with boons, terror against everything else)

And there's also a utility left. Good options:-well of suffering for vulnerability-signet if spite for overall more power and good pressure against single targets

  • spectral grasp to grab enemies
  • poison cloud against projectiles and healing (also does well in combination with reaper shroud 4

Healing skill: use whatever you like best.Elite: plaguelands has most dmg, fleshgolem provides very good cc. Chilled to the bones adds a bit of dmg as well as giving stability.

It's also possible to use parasitic contagion and death perception. Use what suits you best.Rune of the afflicted is a valid option as well, but then you might want sigil of agony on both weapon sets.

Important Skillcombos:

  • Reaper shroud 5 into reaper shroud 4, followed by a gravedigger: a lot of icy bolts that apply bleeding
  • Already mentioned: blood is power + dagger 4
  • nightfall: can be used offensive for bleed stack as well as defensive and corrupts boons!
  • grasping darkness into nightfall. Good aoe dmg
  • blood is power 2 times + dagger 4 + signet of spite + feast of corruption + epidemic is already pretty good cleave

Hope I could give some ideas.

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Made a couple of changes, notably:

you're taking the axe/focus cd reduction trait because you're taking axe/focus (cd reductions are way better than 3 vuln stacks, which will be inflicted in shroud anyway)you're taking reapers' onslaught instead of deathly chill (those bleeds won't amount to much, and will be replaced by burning from shroud1)rune change to weaver runes- now you have 49% burning duration and 79% chill duration without consumables.


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