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New avatars shinier than original ones?

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Take a look at the mesmer avatar vs the chronomancer avatar vs the mirage avatar https://imgur.com/a/ykB7x

The chronomancer avatar is brighter than core mesmer, but its mostly just a different aesthetic between the core and the elite icon. However, the mirage icon is full on shiny. Almost metallic looking. Was this intentional? I see it in a few of the other PoF elite spec icon avatars as well, they are far shinier than the avatars we started with. Its also much, much crisper lines. It looks like it was made specifically to be avatar sized, while the mesmer and chronomancer ones have blurry edges, giving the impression they were scaled up from smaller images. I know this is overly nitpicky, and I'm sorry that I couldn't make this post before these new avatars were introduced (but tbf, I had no way of knowing before they were introduced), but could the old class avatars be brought up to par with the PoF elite spec icon avatars? Its fine if they don't get the shiny treatment, but please at least make the edges crisp and clean.

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