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Swiss will change nothing

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Sorta have to agree here....

I couldn't even care for team queue format at our own discretion again... Its been too long and for the most part due to not being able to grind shinies with guildies and friends Ive literally dumped PvP in the trash...

In other news.. the players I was wanting to PvP with in this game are now playing Teamfight Tactics with me hehe

Its not like PvP in this game needs it players, solo queue has sustained the game mode healthier than team queue if you were to ask Anet or solo players.

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Actually the mAT finale (possibly semis too) is planned to remain Bo1, so it will fix less than nothing. If anything it will pointlessly drag daily ATs out if it's introduced there too (I hope it won't). I will fix less than nothing, might actually end up being counterproductive.

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and? do you think the people that are playing ats right now will stop playing? noThe people playing gw2 pvp don't have anything else to do, because otherwise you would spend your time in a good game, in fact swiss will increase the population in ats even if it becomes extremely buggy (which I'm 100% sure it will) these people will keep spamming ats and playing monthlies because they literally can't stop playing a dead game.

at this point if anet decides to throw a rock in pvp people will play with it because there's ZERO content and terrible balance, swiss won't fix anything.The only thing that can save pvp right now is 2v2 arenas and implement it to ranked system with different rewards and stuff but they won't and you know why? because they don't care.

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