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Do we have any news about WvW\PvP improvmeents as promised in their August LW presentation?


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@"anduriell.6280" said:I would love to see any news about Alliances or anything about improving pvp modes as the devs promised they were looking forward to share that info with us. (Click in the link as it will take you straight to the timestamp the Embedded doesn't work with timestamps)

No, there's no news because there's nothing to tell. They haven't been working on alliances. They've been lying this entire time. Literally the equivalent to a student telling their teacher that their assignment due tomorrow is nearly finished when they haven't started.

Anyone at this point who believes that Anet isn't lying and they have been working on alliances for the past few years is hopelessly naive.

Your best hope is that during the live stream when they said they'd talk about it in a few months, it meant that they'd be starting work on it in a few weeks.

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For better or worse, the most consistent thing with Anet is that we are not going to get month by month updates.

They consider the statement:

World Restructuring

World restructuring, commonly referred to as the Alliance system, remains our top priority for WvW. We’re not going into details on this post, since a lot of detail has been released previously. We are still not in a place where we feel comfortable releasing a target date, but we are still working on it.

There remain big issues in WvW there are not addressed by World Restructuring. The biggest one is finding a means to make winning mean something in WvW without motivating players to burn themselves out trying to maintain 24/7 coverage. We have some early designs built around this and will be investigating them once World Restructuring is finished so it is a bit too early for us to go into details around the ideas, but we’re thinking about them.

Which comes from the August post in the PvP forum from @"Stephane Lo Presti.7258" here:https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/85879/future-plans-competitive/p1

This was our update. I do not expect any further update for a minimum of 4 more months based on their recent cadence of information release.

That is not to say I like that, but asking for more won’t change it.

At best, we would likely get another ‘soon’

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