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Chest of the Khan-Ur not resetting on daily threshold

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Not sure what the problem is exactly, but I'm guessing the chest is on a 24-hour-ish timer rather than the daily reset. The consoles used to open the vault, however, are on the daily reset. This leads to a mismatch in timing where you can open the door but not be able to open the chest until later.

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The chest resets at daily reset along with the consoles, but some instances are bugged so that the chest spawns opened and cannot be reopened. Swapping instances is the only fix I am aware of . . .

Happily it is an infrequent bug, I have only encountered it twice and I've opened the vault every day since the prologue was released. Unhappily, the map is now sparsely populated enough that finding a new instance to swap to is more difficult. I've been stuck on .14 all day :(

EDIT: 14 closed right after I posted this so I was able to find a new map. I know you were all very concerned and I didn't want to leave you in suspense . . .

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