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All skins unlock in home instance


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Wouldn't it be cool if you could go into your home instance and all skins were unlocked for you to try on. You could then see how it looks when you run around. I know you can preview them but I think it would be more helpful if you can see exactly what it will look like while you play (animations included). Then when you leave your home instance, the skins you don't have become locked again. Thoughts?

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from a coding point of view, you cannot put something on that you don't own, so you would have to temporarily unlock the skin and then equip it and re-lock the skin after the user has finished looking at it, from a financial point of view making the coding to do that is not worth the time to invest having to change so much information server side then revert said changes back to how it was before.It makes no sense at all and they gain nothing from doing that just to appeal to a small group of players

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