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Soul Grasp


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The focus 4 skill. Won't it be changed sometime again? A while back, it granted roughly as much LF but did way more damage and inflicted twice as much vulnerability, but it had no homing so you pretty much had to hug an enemy to use it. Now, it's soul grasp instead of reaper's touch. This skill is incredibly weak for its cast time, and only really useful to gain some lifeforce as the heal, vuln and damage are very low, but at least is has range now with the homing. But wouldn't it be a more fun and worthwhile skill if it was just reaper's touch with homing and more velocity added? I find myself picking focus for the #5 skill only nowadays, and notice that by the end of any fight #4 has gone unused, unlike before its rework. This isn't based on a single gamemode.Otherwise, i think it should have increased velocity and GREATLY increased effect based on how far away the enemy it hit was, so it could be decent as a skill to catch disengaging enemies or to engage a fight with some LF.Anyone else think it could do with another change to be a powerful skill on its own as all skills should be? got ideas or found some way to make it stack up to a single (or more) autoattack(s)? Please discuss.

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