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Thanks Anet


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I just wanted to say you've done an outstanding job with Path of Fire. I was really disappointed in HoT having always felt it difficult to feel immersed; however, PoF introduced so much new high quality content and deeper elements in the game that has really pulled me back in as a player. I especially appreciate how I feel like the world is living and breathing again, not just instances where I'm just thrown into battle constantly with foes. The new outposts and mini events like the cooking event in Amnoon has made me reminisce about the quality of the towns in Guild Wars I, although I was sad that my favorite location (Kodash Bazaar) was in ruins in the Path of Fire timeline. Aside from some of the inevitable imbalance in professions that I'm sure can be tweaked in the near future, I really have not had anything to complain about - so much so that I felt the need to make this post.

Thanks for the fun times Anet, keep up the good work!

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