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Do you prefer HoT or PoF Elite Specializations?


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Please vote for which you prefer to both play, and play against.RIP Dragonhunter, Tempest, Reaper, Chronomancer, Daredevil (DASH DP), Berserker, Scrapper (ur not missed), Druid.Oh Herald I didn't see you there how have you been doing?Daredevil you're condi these days? you're ancestors would be ashamed but I'm glad you're still kickin it.Can we give some love to some of the really cool and well designed elite specs that never see the light of day in plat+?

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I enjoy the PoF specs more partially because they had some (more?) lore behind them. I don't recall ever seeing lore about...any of the HoT specs. Whereas with POF:DE - order of shadowsScourge - joko and grave tendersEtc etc. It adds that bit of extra flavor. I RP in this game, so that sorta thing really adds a lot for me, especially if I make a character who uses the spec.

With HoT specs, I have to just meme/guess everything and base it off mechanics, like my brawler character who I made as a daredevil just....because. Compared to my Charr Firebrand, where I got to dig into how Elonians drew their power from tomes/pages, then twist that to suit a Charr.

PoF just has more depth, imo. ALthough I really did enjoy scrapper - as I have a scrapper Charr, both in rank and profession xD

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Dragon Hunter < FirebrandChronomancer = MirageBerserker < SpellbreakerTempest < WeaverScrapper = HolosmithDruid >SoulbeastHerald > RenegadeReaper = ScourgeDaredevil = Deadeye

I think they breakdown about evenly. I like them all to some extent, and how the expand on the core themes of the class and the game play dimension they add.

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