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[NA] Maguuma New Reckoning[Reck] fresh Fight Guild LFM to join our core.

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New Reckoning [Reck] is a freshly made Fight Guild based on Maguuma. We are a small group looking to form a Core of serious players looking to improve their skills individually but most importantly as a Guild/Comp. New Reckoning is striving to be fairly strict when it comes to attendance and skill level. We expect players to play Guild builds designed for Comp play, show up and participate in practice and be ready to scrim other guilds if possible. Above all of this though we are looking to create a friendly family feel guild that just so happens to play to win.If any of this peaked your interest and you have any questions please join our Discord and ask anything.

Raid times: Mon-Wed 8PM-10PM EST we raid other nights as well non official but still comped.

EDIT: We are currently closed for Core recruitment but we are still trying out applicants who feel their skills will meet or exceed our standards. https://discord.gg/h8TzrXvScourge WvW PoV vvvv

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Helpful, try hard, non-toxic environment. Try outs are open at the moment, so join to see how you like it. If you have a main guild and can't be there for each event, you are still welcome in the team but core members are given priority for scrims.

Looking forward to seeing you in game!

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