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[NA] Maguuma New Reckoning[Reck] fresh Fight Guild LFM to join our core.

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[Reck] has temporarily opened up recruitment for a brief time!Do you think you have what it takes to be in a small tight knit team that fights grossly outnumbered fights?Join us on our discord to find out how to apply and try out in our raids.https://discord.gg/vztucu

We raid nearly every day but the official days are Mon - Wed.We currently run 10-15 and wish to increase this size to 15-20 with dedicated members that show up regularly, have a good attitude and are above average players.

Applicant expectations:-Use our guild build-Show up frequently and for the entirety of raids-Perform as well or better as the average player in your class in our guild-Communicate in Discord-Represent [reck] during raids-Complete a 2 week applicant period

See you all on the battlefield!

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