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[NA] {Sorrows Furnace} Looking for casual friendly guild

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Hey all, I am TheRealMC

Residing on SF (Sorrows Furnace) and being adult with adulting responsibilities its hard to find a guild that runs WvW or even one thats looking for help building their guild WvW army.

Ive been WvWing for years (back when there used to be mesmer training in WvW, which I was also a trainer). I used to command back in CD and some in DH a Calvary squad (dont care for running zerg/blob, love my small scaleness), now I mainly run small scale and roaming. took a long WvW break for a few years and have been back for some time. I main off meta DPS Mirage, daredevil, and druid (but most of the time its the Mirage I run...fashion wars ftw) and typically dont run meta. I am a thoerycrafter an dlove testing builds that are unique and fun and can work. Ultimately looking for a guild who has an interest in WvW and doesnt mine running the occasional Jumping Puzzle (Yes, I do offer ports).

I am sarcastic, I love memes/puns and in WvW, im a bit more PPK over PPT nowadays (although if I can take/defend something AND have a fight, thats what I crave). I run discord and stream when I am on. Love sparring others to help you and myself out to git gud.



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