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Some serious pvp philosophy.


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So i been keeping track of spvp for years. I been on several accounts but this is my now main forever account.

Any ways. I wanted to talk about a few things that may interest people.

First off. It seems anet is trying to find a balance between defense and offense. Most programmers who program pvp hate defensive builds. They want players to play offensive builds and use fast thinking reflexes and reactions

So we get to bunker and bursty damage. The same can be said with boons and damage in WvW forums.

It seems bunkers are op when immortal builds are out. And dps is op when burst is overtuned.

Players who are fast reactive players are good in spvp because they can react faster than a slow minded player. Fast reflexes + powerful build = skill in spvp

While bunker builds are slower and more about stalemates. Anet hates stalemates. In many games programmers hate stalemates. I guess its a programmers worst nightmare

Usually slow reactive players will play a tanky class so they can out last the enemy and press buttons easier. That is a form of skill maybe / probably not

The 2nd thing i want to talk about is - no matter how many balance changes anet makes ...there will always be a broken build that reaches the top. So if OP builds are always meta -why do people complain on the forums ? Also balance can never be achieved. But you can play the broken spec and own for awhile

Regardless of nerfs or buffs - a build will always raise to the top to replace old metas.

So balance can never be achieved - only rotations of the next winning spec happens.

Lastly - spvp requires us to be competitively driven. And competitive thinking is (in my opinion) negative ignorant evil emotional energy.

Look at league of legends and DotA and other games. Toxicity happens from competitive energy - which is deadly to a person's health.

Any ways i hope i helped these forums get some clear ideas and hope i generated some discussion or thinking.

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