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Wouldn't great axes be great?

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@greenblue.7104 said:

@Dante.1508 said:They could just give us Great Axe skins for hammers and i'd be happy.

This is a good idea.

I disagree because then we would only have a single new skin or a few that are Greataxe. Rather have its own weapon type with its own skins every update, and not a kit for Warrior because other classes wont be able to use it.

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@"Ashantara.8731" said:Please no. Normal one-handed weapons are already completely oversized in this game (especially on female characters). The same goes for hammers and greatswords, with very few exceptions.

I don't want to picture the laughable visuals of great axes in GW2. :lol: Would defy all physical laws, I am sure. ;)

Oversized? Never! ;)

(Made me immediately think of this Mist Lord's hammer)HPqSQNj.jpg

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