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Anet dropped banner outside Salma WP Thank you


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Anet dropped a Swiftness/Gathering banner on 10/14 outside Salma WP home Instance. It has been there since early morning, I mentioned it in GC and want to say it's the first time I have seen this done by Anet. It was a swiftness/gathering banner. Great idea to place this outside a home instance. Thanks Anet. Would like to see more of this. =)

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@iker.5629 said:1st time I have seen 1 with the Anet guild icon is all. I am aware that folks drop them all the time. I think it's a worth a mention that an Anet player did it is all.

They could have dropped at least a Guild Banner and Spirit banner, and even then it wouldn't be worth a thread IMO. ;)

But since we are at it, I would like to thank all the people who frequently place those at hot spots. Thank you! <3

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@Ashantara.8731 said::lol: Are you for real?

People drop banners all across Tyria all the time, especially in front of home instance entrances and on popular farming maps. How is this special and worth a thread?

Perhaps you didn't notice the part about ArenaNet dropping the banner...presuming it was ArenaNet that did so they can make the banner a permanent fixture and let players save their own banners for the rest of the world.

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@"Zaklex.6308" said:Perhaps you didn't notice the part about ArenaNet dropping the banner...

Of course I did, which is why I laughed so hard. It sounded like it was something "super duper special", when other guilds are doing it all the time. It really isn't worth a thread, unless the thread's purpose was to communicate the wish for permanent banners. ;)

@Alexa Scorpionwitch.8567 said:I was wondering about this too. It's been there all day so it would be cool if it's permanent and they pop up at other home instance entrances.

Pretty much all banners dropped are permanent until the next game patch, although they are supposed to last only 30 minutes.

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